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If you have diabetes it is vital that you have your eyes checked regularly.  Retinopathy (damage to the retina at the back of the eye) is a common complication of diabetes.  If left untreated it can get worse and cause some loss of vision, or blindness in severe cases.  Good control of blood glucose and blood pressure slows down the progression of retinopathy.  Treatment with a laser, before the retinopathy gets severe can often prevent loss of vision.  Glaucoma and cataracts are more common in people with diabetes.

Early treatment can help prevent loss of vision, therefore, if you have diabetes it is vital that you have regular eye checks to detect any retinopathy before your vision becomes badly affected.  You should have at least an annual eye check and in the UK, the NHS offers free detailed eye check each year to all people with diabetes over the age of 11.  Make sure that you get your appointment at MM Eyecare Optometrists each year, and tell your doctor if you do not. 

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