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Myopia also known as short-sightedness and is the most common visual defect of all. Difficulty with vision tends to start in the early teenage years, sometimes earlier. 

Some children do not realise at first that their vision is affected. They may be able to read books and do close work well. However, seeing distant objects such as the blackboard at school may become difficult. They may think this is ‘normal’ and not tell anyone. Schoolwork may suffer for a while before the condition is identified and treatment provided. 

Myopia Symptoms

    •     blurred distance vision

    •     close vision is generally unaffected       

The vast majority of people with short sight have no other associated problems. However, people with severe short sight have a slightly increased chance of developing glaucoma, detached retina and macular degeneration. These are serious eye conditions. So it is imperative that your eyes are checked regularly.


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