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In Scotland,  all UK residents are eligible for a free sight test every two years from the National Health Service.  If you are under 16,  over 60,  diabetic or have glaucoma or a family history of glaucoma you are recommended to get an eye examination every year.

fundus bannerFundus photography uses a specialized digital camera to painlessly photograph the inside of the eye. This technology allows detailed colour digital images of the macula, major blood vessels, optic nerve head and other structures at the back of the eye to be recorded for immediate assessment and future reference.

What will I be able to see?

The digital images can be viewed immediately on a computer screen, if you are interested your Optometrist will be happy to show these to you and explain the various structures.

What are the benefits?

Fundus photographs provide immediate information and a "benchmark" for future reference. This allows "normal" variations to be identified and recorded and abnormal changes to be identified more easily. This assists in the early diagnosis of disease, in monitoring the outcomes of treatment and in patient education with respect to sight threatening changes caused by general health problems.

A photograph can assist in the detection and management of: Glaucoma Macular Degeneration Hypertension Diabetic Retinopathy Retinal Detachments Other sight threatening conditions

contact lense
At MM Eyecare Optometrists all of our practices offer contact lens trials and fittings.  If you would like to find out more about contact lenses and what may be suitable for you then please give your local practice a call and make an appointment to have a consultation with the optometrist.

The initial consultation is free of charge and we have a wide range of contact lenses to suit all needs,  with many starting from less than £1 a day.

colour overlay_banner Research has found that some people may benefit from using a coloured overlay when they are reading.  There is often the misconception that the coloured overlays help those that that are dyslexic - this is not necessarily true,  they help those who have Meares-Irlen Syndrome and approximately 50% of dyslexics also have this syndrome as well as many people who are not dyslexic.

Meares-Irlen Syndrome is when the writing on a page does not seem to stay still;  it may seem blurred or squashed up and there may be changing or doubling of letters.  This sensation may cause nausea,  discomfort or even pain from the glare of the paper.  It can also give sufferers headaches and tired or sore eyes.  These are just some of the symptoms of Meares-Irlen Syndrome and sufferers may have other symptoms. 

It has been found that using a coloured overlay can stop these symptoms and can make reading much more comfortable and a more pleasant experience for the sufferer.  Different colours are suitable for different people.


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Sometimes the DVLA require people to take a test to find out how good their peripheral vision is before they will issue a driving license.  If the DVLA feel you should take this test they will refer you to your local optometrist who provides this service and is registered with them.  Both our Summerston and Linlithgow practices are registered with the DVLA to provide these driving visual fields tests.  We are looking to hopefully get our Stirling and Bo’ness practices registered in the near future.

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Your eyesight is important and we want to ensure that you have regular checks which not only tell you if you require glasses but also check the health of your eyes. We know that it is not always possible for someone to get out and to their local optician, this may be due to ill health or a disability, and we are pleased to be able to provide a home visit service for anybody that is housebound and cannot make it out to their local opticians unaided.  This service is provided by our sister company Visioncare at Home, you can find out more information about Visioncare at Home by visiting their website

If you would like to receive a home visit you can contact Visioncare at Home directly or you can call your local MM Eyecare Optometrists and we can get in touch with them on your behalf.

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Legal requirements mean that employers must ensure that they are looking after their employees’ eye sight. At MM Eyecare Optometrists we want to try and make this as easy for you to achieve as possible. We are happy to book out a days clinic at your local practice where we will happily examine your employees’ eyes. These eye examinations are free due to all UK residents being eligible to receive a free NHS eye examination in Scotland, for more information on this visit our Eye Care page. Call your local practice today to find out more and to make arrangements for your staff to have their eye’s examined.

If you are looking for eye examinations to be performed on location our sister company Visioncare at Home would be happy to help with this. Visit their website at for more information, or alternatively give them a call on 0141 332 0057 to speak to a member of staff who will be happy to assist you.

safety glasses_bannerYou may be required to wear safety glasses to perform tasks at your work.  Those who require their vision to be corrected this may mean wearing goggles over the top of your prescription glasses which is perhaps not the best solution. Rather than do this you may be better off with prescription safety glasses.
At MM Eyecare Optometrists we are able to supply you with prescription safety glasses.  We have a wide range of safety glasses, and lens types to suit every task. We can also supply VDU (Visual Display Unit) glasses which employers may be required to provide for you if you work at a computer, or another form of VDU for lengthy times within your job role.

If you, or your employees’, require prescription safety glasses or specific VDU glasses give your local MM Eyecare Optometrists a call and we will be happy to help and provide you with some more information.

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